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Releases available

  • For Windows® users:

Date Release Remark
2018-05-26 AudeLA-3.0.0b4.exe Do a Spcaudace upgrade after starting
2015-04-06 AudeLA-3.0.0b1.exe -
2015-04-01 audela-2.1.0.exe -
2013-06-10 audela-2.0.20130610.exe Direct Atik camera management
2012-03-12 audela-2.0.20120312.exe -

* Drivers & addons :

  1. registry addons for ASCOM 3 simulators : Ascom
  2. for QuickRemote and QuickAudeLA : Ftdi
  3. USB Connexion between AudelA and DSLR : Libusb-, Libusb-
  • For GNU-Linux users:

Date Release 64 bits package Linux distribution
2018-05-26 3.0.0b4 audela-3.0.0b4-amd64.deb Debian 9.x, Ubuntu 15.10, 16.04 and 18.04, Spcaudace upgrade is mandatory
2017-02-25 3.0.0b3 audela-3.0.0b3-amd64.deb Debian 9.x, Ubuntu 15.10 and 16.04
2017-02-26 3.0.0b3 audela-3.0.0b3-amd64.deb Debian 8.x
2016-06-24 3.0.0b2 audela-3.0.0b2-amd64.deb Debian 9.x, Ubuntu 15.10 and 16.04 [no qsi+fingerlakes]
2015-04-01 3.0.0b1 audela-3.0.0b1-amd64.deb Debian 9.x, Ubuntu 15.10 and 16.04

  • To install GNU-Linux package:
    1. sudo apt-get remove audela
    2. sudo dpkg -i package_file_name.deb
    3. sudo apt-get -f install

Optional Installs

Informations and help

Previous release

See Sourceforge repository

More precisely latest bêta releases in development.

Old GNU/Linux releases:

Release 32 bits 64 bits Linux distribution
2.0.20120312 audela-2.0.20120312-i386.deb audela-2.0.20120312_amd64.deb Debian 7.x, Ubuntu 14.x
2.0.0 audela-2.0.0.deb audela-2.0.0ubuntu-amd64.deb Debian 7.x, Ubuntu 14.x

Important Notice: This directory contain recent snapshot based on the SVN source code. The installer here can be used instead of the stable version for an initial installation or to update any existing version. Use them to test the latest function but remember they are automatically generated and untested. As thing can be worst than before, be prepared to reinstall a previous version.

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