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Audela - What is it?

Audela is a free and open source astronomy software intended for digital observations (CCD cameras, Webcams, etc.). Its concept is entirely new, because whilst it features advanced image processing and acquisition functions like existing software, its originality lies in the fact that it is entirely reprogrammable using simple scripts. It has been written for both Windows and Linux platforms and can control many telescope mounts and cameras or DSLRs.

Why is Audela different?

  • Audela is fully customizable. You can even customize its main interface.
  • Audela enables not only camera control, but also full telescope control, locally or at long distance via a network.
  • Audela has been especially conceived to meet the needs of the amateur astronomer, from beginner to advanced observer.
  • Available in 6 languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian, German and Danish.

Sign in on our users mailing list

To get help or to if you saw some bugs. But many amateur astronomers contribute to Audela development by creating new functions and scripts. Join the Audeladev mailing list audeladev-subscribe@egroups.com.


  All releases available on Download page

Audela stable release : Audela 2.1 ( Jan 4 2015)

Last Audela stable release is available from Sourceforge. This is the latest version of AudeLA that uses TCL 8.5 ( The next release will use TCL 8.6).

Audela snapshots releases: Audela 2.0.20120312 (Mar 12 2012)

Last Audela snapshots are available from Sourceforge repository. Theses releases have new functions and bug corrected but are developpement versions. Bug report can be done on the mailing list.

Old stable release: Audela 2.0.0 (Oct 14 2010)

Audela 2.0.0 is available! Just click on Download then select the file for your system and downloading will start automatically. You can also read the description for the new features. And feel free to report bugs, or suggest enhancements on the Forum or with the mail list <AudelaDev>


How to install Audela?

For installing Audela, go to Audela installation .

How to compile Audela?

Usefull links

Forewarned is forearmed:

To run Audela without errors, accents and spaces in directories names and files names are avoided.

Sbig drivers for GNU/Linux

Sbig camera are managed with Audela under GNU/Linux. Follow instructions here.

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