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Audela Features

Operating Systems

  • Windows,
  • GNU/Linux
  • OSX: very basic support for Mac OS-X (please help us!).

Aiming and controlling equipment

  • Align assistant with the polar scope (Takahashi or EQ6)
  • Align assistant with the King method
  • Focusing assistant
  • Pipeline for the aiming model
  • GOTO function using integrated catalogs (planets, asteroids, Messier objects, reference stars, NGC, IC, Moon)
  • GOTO function using another charting planetarium tool (Guide, Carte du ciel , Skychart)
  • Remote control from a computer
  • Check position and time via GPS (through a serial or Ethernaude link)
  • Control of filter wheels
  • Virtual control pad
  • Autoguiding
  • Supported telescopes : LX200 protocol (with special features of Audecom, Skysensor, losmandy, It-lente, Mbartels), Ouranos, Temma, Ascom, Celestron
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  • Link: serial port, USB/Serial adapter

Capturing Images

  • Capture modes: serial, continuous, windowed, binning, scan, video.
  • Capturing videos with a Webcam (included Linux since 2.0.20110925).
  • Characteristics of the optics (CCD field, binning, focal lengths, etc.).
  • Capturing scans (drift-scan and normal scan)
  • Display of a reticle for centering purposes
  • Pipeline for supernovae survey
  • Pipeline for asteroid photometry
  • Supported cameras: Audine, Hi-Sis, SBIG, CB245, Starlight, Kitty, Webcam, TH78521, SRC1300XTC, Canon EOS, Coolpix, Andor
  • Supported links: parallel port, USB port, Ethernaude, Quickremote (USB/parallel converter), Grabbers
  • Long exposure option for webcams and DSLRs (via serial port, USB/serial adapter, parallel port or QuickRemote interface)

Displaying Images

  • Zoom, mirror, windowing, full screen
  • Transfer functions (linear, log, exponential, arc-tangent).
  • Automatic adjustment of viewing thresholds.
  • Changing colour palettes
  • Multi-window display
  • Viewer with animation or blinking

Processing Images

  • Processing one image (add , subtract, divide, etc.)
  • Processing series of images (register, add, subtract, etc.)
  • Geometric operations (mirrors, windowing, resampling)
  • Optimizing dark frame, subtracting sky background
  • Filters (high pass, low pass, gaussian, median)
  • Wavelets, logarithms
  • Statistics on the image, Fwhm, Flow, Photocentre
  • Histogram, section
  • Image selection
  • Processing colour images (RAW→CFA, CFA→RGB, R+G+B→RGB, etc.)
  • Direct and inverse Fourier Transformation
  • Convolution
  • Deconvolution

Advanced Processing of Images

  • Automatic pre-processing (make a dark frame, a flat field, registering)
  • Astrometric calibration
  • Photometric calibration with one picture or a serie (CDR/CDL)
  • Spectrometry: SpcAudace (automatic spectrum processing, spectral astrophysics analysis…)

General Settings

  • Languages (10 availables)
  • Observer location
  • Time (local, UT, ST), time zone, summer/winter
  • External editors/browsers (PDF, HTML, text, image browser)
  • Selection of UI colours (with night vision)
  • Saving user preferences


  • Writing customized scripts in TCL
  • Models and examples of scripts: photometrie (calaphot.tcl) , asteroid occultation (titania.tcl), etc.
  • Function library:
  • LIB TT: pre-processing of astronomical images
  • LIB MC: celestial mechanics calculations
  • LIB GSL: matrix calculation
  • LIB BLT: trace of curves
  • LIB Audela: camera and telescope management, and image buffer

Formats of Supported Files

  • FITS files (16 bits or floating), colour FITS (48-bit RGB)
  • JPEG files
  • DAT files (spcaudace)
  • RAW files(crw, cr2, nef, etc.)
  • AVI files
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