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Park my telescope


How to park my telescope in AudeLA ?

Answer: You need first to define what will be your azimuth (Az) and elevation (Elev) parking coordinates.

If you select the South meridian on horizon: AZ=0 et ELEV=0.

Then you have to convert your coordinate in equatorial (RA,DEC).

In Aud'ACE console:

set az 0
set elev 0
set home $::audace(posobs,observateur,gps)
set date [mc_date2jd ::audace::date_sys2ut]
set res [mc_altaz2radec $az $elev $home $date]
set ra [lindex $res 0]
set dec [lindex $res 1]

Then send those coordinates to the telescope and stop motors:

tel1 radec goto [list $ra $dec] -blocking 1
tel1 radec motor off

You can choose your coordinates az, elev based on your own mount and/or dome constraints.

Telescope with buil-in park (LX200 only)

For telescope with built-in park function , First configure park position with telescope pad.

Then connect Audela to the telescope and send order with park TCL command

::telescope::park 1 

or unpark TCL command

::telescope::park 0

or use Park / Unpark button in telescope configuration Window

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