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PL1M Camera installation

Pour utiliser la caméra PL1M avec AudeLA, il faut :

  1. install PL1M or QHY5 driver for Windows
  2. install ASCOM plateforme 5 ( ASCOM platform installation )
  3. install QHY5 ASCOM driver

Install the driver PL1M

Install the file PL13CMDrv.exe supplied with the camera CDROM.

Connect the camera.

Windows displays the installation of the new device:

Installer le driver PL1M

Installer le driver PL1M

Installer le driver PL1M

Install ASCOM 5

Download http://download.ascom-standards.org/ASCOMPlatform5b.msi

Download ASCOMPlatform5b.msi

This installation creates the directory C:\Program Files\Fichiers communs\ASCOM\Camera

Installer le plugin QHY5 pour ASCOM

Download http://www.astrosoft.be/CURRENT_RELEASE/QHY5ASCOMSetup.exe

Start QHY5ASCOMSetup.exe

Installer le plugin QHY5 pour ASCOM

Installer le plugin QHY5 pour ASCOM

This installation creates the file C:\Program Files\Fichiers communs\ASCOM\Camera\ASCOM.QHY5.dll

Make an image acquisition with AudeLA

Launch AudeLA

Check that the camera is plugged into a USB connector on the computer. .

With the menu Setup→Camera select the tab ASCOM, select the camera QHY5, click the OK button to validate the configuration

Sélectionner la caméra QHY5

With the menu Camera→Acquisition select Acquisition tool

Set the exposure time 3s and binning 1×1

Click the GO CCD button to make an acquisition

make an acquisition

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