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Installing AudeLA

Installing on Windows

Run audela_file_name_downloaded.exe

Windows XP installation : Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 redistribuable x86 for Windows XP is required before starting Audela.

This Windows update is available here : vc9redist_x86.exe

Installing on Linux

Debian / Ubuntu

Run as root or sudo.

Delete the previous version if necessary:

 sudo apt-get remove audela

Install the new version:

 sudo dpkg -i package_file_name.deb

When first installed, the following error message appears: ”… dependency problems prevent configuration of audela-…”. Then execute the following command:

 sudo apt-get -f install

RED HAT / Mandriva RPM

Run as root or sudo:

 urpmi-audela 2.x.x.rpm

Launching AudeLA

Two possible ways:

  • From the menu of your windows manager, in the Education or Science menu, AudeLA icon appears with the}} {{http://bmauclaire.free.fr/astronomie/softs/audela/audela.gif?25x25
  • Enter audela in a console.

Note: To access the camera and peripherals: sudo audela

Install Audela from the sources

For compiling AudeLA under his favorite OS, go to compiling AudeLa under Linux

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