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New features in Version 2.0

  • Menus are now more user friendly
  • New tool “Image Database” to manage an image archive.
  • New tool “AstroCalculator”, the toolkit of the astronomer!
  • New tool to convert FITS, BMP, JPEG, TIFF images and make RGB → R+G+B, R+G+B → RGB conversions.
  • New version of the spectroscopy tool spcaudace enhanced with features to create periodogram?, process spectra and increase calibration accuracy.
  • New tool to capture and process images acquired with the eShel spectroscope
  • New version of the Virtual Observatory through connection to Aladin to analyze and search objects in a calibrated image.
  • New processing functions: Fourier transform and deconvolution of images.
  • New processing to calculate satellite orbits from TLE data.
  • Russian and Ukrainian translation.
  • Better support of 32-bit format including 32-bit addition for instance.
  • More accurate autoguiding.
  • More effective management of camera grabbers
  • Custom keywords to add to images when making acquisitions.
  • Fixed bugs of previous version.

New Equipment * New telescopes supported: EQMOD-HEQ5, ASCOM 5.5, DMF

  • New cameras supported: Cagire, Fingerlakes, QSI, SBIG-usb

New operating systems supported * Compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7

  • Compatible with 64-bit machines (Windows and Linux)
  • Compatible with TCL 8.5

See also main features

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